Home is Where the Fires Are.


It's Christmas, and Clara just wants to make it nice for her daughter, Janice. But they both have been struggling since the unexpected death of Janice's father, so Janice is taking matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Clara's sister, Barbara, is trying to calm Clara and her cats; Justin Timberlake and Harrison Ford sympathetically fly through windows; and the Apartment is a conflicted murderer–can anyone be a hero when everything is crumbling to bits?

Written By Sheila Callaghan

Directed By Kayla Kaufman

Produced By Alika Vail

Lighting Design by Matthew Adelson

Stage Managed by Leslie Castro

Set Design by Sarah Koop

Assistant Directed/Assistant Stage Managed by Elena Mulligan

Costume Design by Robin Piatt

Sound Design by Victoria Peach


Kimmy Fiorentino as Janice

Laquana Henny as Mother

Lu Meeks as Barbara

Gerald Louis Campbell as Justin Timberlake, Harrison Ford, and Father

Laurel Ullman as The Apartment


June 8, 7pm

June 9, 2pm

June 16, 7:30pm

June 17, 2pm

June 21, 7:30pm

June 24, 7:30pm

Price: $10

Recommended Ages 15+

Media inquiries: 

(980) 458-2551

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REVIEWS: Broadway World says "There is something comedic, poignant, and unexpected about Crumble (Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake), which makes it a valiant start to WTF's "Women as Heroes" third season."

CVNC says, "WTF has chosen this explosive little packet to open their Festival with a literal bang; these characters are sharp, expertly defined, and too real."

Triangle Arts And Entertainment says, "Sheila Callaghan’s Crumble at Burning Coal provides a unique and refreshing perspective on coping with sorrow and grief."

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