I would like to volunteer. How do I get involved?

Email your contact information, what your interest is, and your availability to volunteerwtfnc@gmail.com.


How can male allies get involved?

Email Nick Popio at Nick.Popio@gmail.com.


How can my theater, school, and/or performance group get involved in WTF?

Email your contact information, what your interest is, and your availability to info@womenstheatrefestival.com.


Where can I submit my ideas for classes, events, fundraising, etc?

Send an email with your ideas and contact information to info@womenstheatrefestival.com.


How do I voice a concern?

You can either contact us directly at info@womenstheatrefestival.com, or submit an anonymous concern.


How do I make a donation?

You can Donate Now!


How will donations to WTF be used?

The majority of donations are used to cover production needs (costumes, performance spaces, etc...) and the rights for plays. Other funds are used for marketing and staffing expenses.


How are shows selected for the Women’s Theatre Festival?

Two or three plays are selected each year by the Artistic Director. Two or three other show slots are also available for directors and/or producers to pitch show ideas that are in alignment with that year’s theme. These pitches are made during the submission period, which is usually around February or March.


What criteria must a show meet in order to receive the WTF Sister Show stamp of approval?

  • It is written by a woman,

  • It is directed by a woman, and

  • At least 50% of the cast is female


I am interested in directing or producing a show for WTF. What is the process for doing this?

You may pitch a show that you are interested in directing or producing (must be aligned with the season’s theme), or you may pitch to direct or produce one of the season’s pre-selected shows. Paperwork and instructions for pitches will be available starting in January for the upcoming summer’s festival. All directors and producers must be female. All shows must meet the criteria listed above.


Does WTF produce shows outside of the summer festival?

WTF promotes workshops and classes throughout the year. WTF also produces a Christmas show fundraiser, a Tony Awards Fundraiser, and a Halloween Karaoke fundraiser each year.


Where can I purchase tickets for shows?

The WTF homepage will have web links for ticket purchases for shows approximately one month before the show opens.


How do I join the WTF mailing list?

Click HERE!

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