Twilight is Not Good for Maidens.

Recommended Ages 6+


Directed by Ashley Popio

Musical Direction by Katherine Anderson

Choreography by Jennifer Palmer


Designed by Miyuki Su, Lisa Turner, Ashley Popio, and Candace Hescock

Produced by Cheryl Edson

Stage Management by Grace Bolton

Technical Direction by Katie Morehead


Please note that the show is double cast.

The Ciara/Joy or "CJ" Cast

Ciara Ellis as Laura

Jemeesa Yarborough as Lizzie


The Elizabeth/Jemeesa or "EJ" Cast

Elizabeth Galbraith as Laura

Jemeesa Yarborough as Lizzie



July 13, 8pm (CJ Cast)

July 14, 2pm (CJ Cast), 8pm (EJ Cast)

July 15, 2pm (EJ Cast)

July 18, 8pm (EJ Cast)

July 19, 8pm (CJ Cast)

July 20, 8pm (EJ Cast)

July 21, 8pm (CJ Cast)

July 22, 2pm (EJ Cast)


Price: $25


Produced in partnership with The Carolina Ballet


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Two proper Victorian sisters, both now grown women and mothers, return to their childhood nursery to relive the haunting memories of their youth. Magically, they are transported back to their girlhood, as their nursery becomes a woodland glen peopled by bizarre goblins who entice them with luscious fruits and promises of unimagined ecstasies. One of the sisters, Laura, partakes of the forbidden offerings, while her sibling, Lizzie, bargains desperately with the fey creatures to save her from inexorably falling under their spell. Blending music, poetry and entrancing imagery, the play is a dazzling journey through the psyches of the two sisters as they struggle to regain the present and to reconcile the fervent, erotic yearnings of their adolescence with the matter-of-fact world that they now inhabit. Happily, they succeed, but their voyage in and out of the past and through the labyrinths of their vivid imagination weaves an enchanted spell that will linger long in the memory.

To create, produce, and promote extraordinary theatre by all marginalized genders

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina