Coming November 24th-December 3rd!

Performed at Sonorous Road Theatre in their new location at The Royal Bakery Building, 3801 Hillsborough St, Suite 113, Raleigh, NC 27607 

Adults $25

Children $15

Tea and cakes included

About the Play

It's Christmas time during the Civil War. Mr. March has gone off to the front, leaving Mrs. March and her four daughters, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy to manage in somewhat reduced circumstances. In a time when women were relegated to the home, the kind and creative March daughters have dreams of love, fame, riches, and art. The odds are stacked against them, though, because in this era, war, prejudice, poverty, and social injustice make it difficult for young women to achieve. With the love and support of family, though, anything is possible!

Join the Women's Theatre Festival in celebrating this timeless tale of sisterly love and survival with a holiday performance and high tea. During this festive event, tea and cakes will be served. There will be singing, dancing, and merrymaking!

So come celebrate the season with the Women's Theatre Festival, and help us promote theatrical equity and inclusion at the same time!


Promo Video

Directed by Katy Koop 


Cast List:
Jo March - Lorelei Lemon
Meg March - Beth Somerville
Beth March - Natalia Soto
Young Amy - Seanna Osborne & Miana White
Older Amy - Sierra Smith
Marmee - Sandra Wallace-Smith
Mr. March - Jim O'Brien
Aunt March - Lu Meeks
Teddy Laurence - Nick Popio
Mr. Laurence - John Ivey

John Brooke - Matthew Tucker
Professor Bhaer - Kyle Bullins
Mrs. Hummel/Mrs. Kirke - Monica McNamara
Sallie Moffat - Natalie Cooper
Mr. Davis/Ensemble - Taufiki Lee
    Amani McKenzie
    Elena Mulligan
    Elizabeth Kalland
    David Snee

    Mackensie Hicks

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