Occupy the Stage 2019 Auditions

Occupy the Stage is a 36-hour event created to demand more stage time for plays by women and non-binary authors. Don't worry...this time we've spread the event out over three days! And though this has traditionally been a 24-hour event, this year, due to popular demand, we've also limited performance times to be between 9:00am and midnight.

Performances will be on July 12-14, 2019.

Occupy is entirely staged readings, which only have three rehearsals and two performances, so this event is ideal for:

1. Busy people.
2. Moms.
3. People who travel a lot for work.
4. People who have never tried theatre before but would like to.
5. People who haven't done theatre in a long time.
6. People who love theatre but hate memorizing. (Auditions are cold-readings only, and staged readings will be script-in-hand.)

7. Anyone who loves theatre but can't commit to a whole-play rehearsal schedule.

This year, we have roles available for 71 women, 32 men, and 21 non-binary folx. Clearly, we need you, so please come audition!

As always, the Women's Theatre Festival is seeking people of color for roles of all sorts. We believe in historically inaccurate casting and portraying blended families, so, please come and audition for everything. All roles listed here can be played by any race unless otherwise specified.

We welcome auditionees with disabilities. Let us know if you need accommodations ahead of time; we are happy to do almost anything to make your experience more valuable.

Some very specific actors that we hope to find include two 9 or 10-year-old girls, at least ten teenagers of both sexes and all races, four non-binary actors to play specifically non-binary roles, at least six women over the age of 50, an actor with ballet experience, one man and one woman with Native American heritage, and four people comfortable with portraying a no-impact, comedic BDSM scene.



Fill out this form if you would like to DIRECT for Occupy: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUF66zqFn4n2kIXpO54vE6sp1O9UpcFoPFZkMvCsQTnK3WWw/viewform

For a list of our play's summaries and character descriptions, please click here:


To read the sides beforehand, please click here:



Q. Do I need to print my own sides?

A. No, sides will be provided on site. Now, if you WANT to print your own sides, so you can highlight them and make notes and stuff, go for it!

Q. May I audition for a specific role?

A. Yes, but be prepared to be vocal about it. Tell us at intake which role you want to read for, and then again in the actual audition. Advocate for yourself, because we will see more than 100 actors in a 5 hour period, and we will not remember to ask you if there's a specific role you want to read for.

Q. I am blind, and/or have a visual impairment. Do I have to read from the paper?

A. No, you may pick one or two of our sides and memorize them ahead of time, or, if this is not possible, perform a monologue instead.

Q. Can anyone do a monologue instead of a cold read?

A. Please only do a monologue if you CANNOT do a cold read, due to disability.

Q. I am a non-binary person who wants to audition for only non-binary roles.

A. Awesome! We have several of those. Be sure to indicate that preference to us when we meet you in person.

Q. I am a trans person. Can I count on my pronouns and gender identity being respected by your organization?

A. Absolutely. If any of us make a mistake, please correct us. We will be embarrassed and apologetic. And if any other companies aren't doing this for you, let us at 'em. We'll show 'em what's what.

Q. I have GOT to be out of there by a certain time. Can you help?

A. Yes, but please allow a whole hour to audition. If you have to leave by 6:00pm, do not sign up for the 5:50 slot. Sign up for the 4:00pm slot. If there are no 4:00pm slots left, write to Ashley, more details below.

Q. I am not available on this date, but I would still like to audition! May I do a video audition?

A. Yes, please email video auditions to Popio.Ashley@gmail.com with the subject line:

[YOUR NAME] Occupy Video Audition 2019

The video audition should be you reading a role from one of the available sides.

If you have any questions, FIRST RE-READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT.

Then email Ashley at Popio.Ashley@gmail.com. If the question you ask is in this document, Ashley will screenshot it and email it back to you, and then you will both be annoyed.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

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