Occupy the Stage begins at June 30th at 8pm and ends 24 hours later on July 1st at 8pm. The stage will be occupied the entire time, and a ticket grants you access for the entire 24 hours!



The event will be at Sonorous Road Theatre in their new location at The Royal Bakery Building, 3801 Hillsborough St, Suite 113, Raleigh, NC 27607






Tickets are $5!

Volunteer HERE and see the show for free! 


Occupy the Stage is a 24-hour event in which plays written by women are performed as staged readings. 


8:00 PM Space Girl

9:30 PM 12.21.09

10:00 PM Resume Watching

10:10 PM Clepsydra

10:20 PM The Jacket

10:30 PM Don't Slow Down

10:40 PM Ram and Bull

10:50 PM FGT

11:00 PM The Adventure of Capercaillie Bridge

12:30 AM Blue Roses

2:00 AM ____is a Rapist

3:30 AM Wicket Hall

5:00 AM Mitigating Damages

6:30 AM He/She and Me

7:00 AM Shut up, I'm on a Diet

9:30 AM 12.21.09

10:00 AM Resume Watching

10:10 AM Clepsydra

10:20 AM The Jacket

10:30 AM Don't Slow Down

10:40 AM Ram and Bull

10:50 AM FGT

11:00 AM The Adventure of Capercaillie Bridge

12:30 PM Blue Roses

2:00 PM ____is a Rapist

3:30 PM Wicket Hall

5:00 PM Mitigating Damages

6:30 PM He/She and Me

7:00 PM Shut up, I'm on a Diet




The Adventure of Capercaillie Bridge by Maegan Mercer-Bourne
Mycroft Holmes, the older sister of Sherlock, enjoys her solitary life. But the death of her parents sucks her into Sherlock’s world of danger and evil. A new re-telling of the Holmes saga. 

Shut up, I’m on a Diet! by Catherine Weingarten
This play explores the dark side of dieting and how trying to be beautiful can take over someone’s life. Tess, a 16-year-old popular chick, is sent to a sketchy mermaid-themed eating disorder treatment center to deal with her issues. But she feels misunderstood by everyone around her, so she decides to hit on her therapist to stir up shit. The play explores the way we talk to our children about body image and the implications of living in a culture that normalizes dieting. 

____ is a rapist by Rebekah Boroughs and Lindsay Carpenter
A woman struggles to heal after being raped by a stranger the night before her wedding. She’s not alone as her husband, family, and even women from the past all share their experiences as they hold each other up. 

Mitigating Damages by Marilynn Barner Anselmi
A Palestinian girl, 17, seeks an abortion and receives legal help from a lawyer who specializes in helping young girls under the age of 18 have access to the procedure without permission from their parents. A unique meditation on the timing of motherhood. 

12.21.09 by NaTasha Thompson

12.21.09 is an original play depicting the days leading up to and following the deployment of Lt. Alexandra Sparrow. A pulsations of scenes, challenging race, parenthood and the dynamics of family, 12.21.09 was conceived to facilitate difficult conversation. As a service woman in the U.S Army and single mother Alexandra has to make the difficult decision of who will care for her four year old son while she is deployed. 

Blue Roses by Sandra de Helen

Two women named Rose are lobotomized in the 1940s by the famous lobotomist Dr. Freeman. Both Roses happen to be sisters of famous men. One is Rosemarie Kennedy, sister of JFK; the other is Rose Williams, sister of Tennessee. The play also shows class differences in how young women were treated as four different women from four very different backgrounds weave in and out of each other’s lives while living in and working in Dr. Freeman’s asylum. 

Wicket Hall Lane by Courtney Christison

As the Bishop family gathers to mourn the passing of one of their own, a dark family secret is unearthed. This play shows the pain involved when you’re forced to choose a side amongst family and how deep familial responsibility goes when one member does the unthinkable to another. 


The Jacket by Seema Kukreja 
A man sits down at a restaurant hoping to enjoy a nice meal. However the rules of the establishment are a bit odd. 

Don’t Slow Down by Ashley Popio
A 1950’s PSA on how to not die. For women!

Clepsydra by Michelle R Wood
Three women are trapped in a prison but there is a way out. All they have to do is remember their names. The problem is they can’t. 

He/She and Me by Sharon Mathis
A one-act about a woman’s emotional journey as her husband transitions genders.

Resume Watching by Sarah Duncan 
Betrayal threatens a marriage. Spoiler alert: it’s not what you think. 


To create, produce, and promote extraordinary theatre by all marginalized genders

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina