Spotlight on Bruisers

August 7, 2016



Bruisers is about to hit the stage, premiering August 11 and 12 at Studio 1 in Burlington and then moving to Temple Theater  in Sanford August 18 and 19.  Bruisers, written and directed by new North Carolina transplant Maribeth McCarthy, is the story of four women who graduated from college together a number of years ago. It’s the all-too familiar tale of best friendships that become less and less as the years go on, and the one night they are all come together again to try to remember and relive those times. This story appeals to anyone who has struggled to hold onto the past, and more so, to those who have had to go into an uncertain future alone.


McCarthy is no novice in the theatre, on-stage or off, she has spent over 25 years involved in the art. Her first passion is performing (you should hear this lady sing!) but she has also directed over twenty productions previously including a version of Bruisers that was presented in 2014 in Pennsylvania.  On this topic, McCarthy says, “...I'm just so thrilled to see it [Bruisers} take off in a new place. It's interesting; seeing the show with an entirely different cast. They have a slightly different take on a lot of it and that's been very interesting and educational to watch. I'm learning just as much from them as they are from me.”


McCarthy may also be one of the most positive and enthusiastic supports of the Festival. When asked what the Festival means to her, she says, “It means joy! I know that seems like such a childlike answer, but...oh, my God! So many times in life women are completely pushed aside no matter what their abilities. In this day and age, that shouldn’t be a thing. And the WTF is taking steps to make sure that someday, it won't be. We're being given such a wonderful opportunity to share and give all we can with no limitations because of who we are. What can be more joyful than that?” And later she expounds, “I am so freaking excited to be a part of this historical thing! Ashley and company have gone out of their way to bring this festival to life, and I can only hope that I do right by them. I'm so thankful for this opportunity.”


I’m sure Bruisers won’t disappoint! You won’t want to miss this interesting dramedy exploring the dynamics of female friendships.  Click here for tickets to Studio 1 performances and here for tickets to the Temple performances.  Here's our complete schedule for the Women’s Theatre Festival.


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