Spotlight on Music & the Mirror

August 16, 2016


Music & The Mirror by Sarah Griner Duncan premieres this Saturday, August 20 at Sonorous Road Theatre. Dancers are some of the best storytellers in the theater community. With a predominantly female cast, Music & the Mirror is a musical revue of dance that will give Broadway and dance fans alike a taste of how choreography can transform storytelling.


Duncan was inspired to create this piece in order to fill a gap she felt was evident in theatre in the area. "I decided to develop this show because I wanted to create the kind of show that I want to perform in. I am a dancer by training and I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to find opportunities for dancers in community theater. My goal is to create a show that gives dancers a chance to shine and shows what great storytellers we are."


Music & The Mirror also challenges the convention that a dancer must have a specific body type to be graceful or to tell a story. Duncan hopes to buck convention, "when people think about dancers, most probably think of slim, chiseled women in their twenties who have almost no body fat. The truth is, dancers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages, and that's what I wanted to present with this show. Being a slim dancer is not the same as being a powerful dancer."


Duncan is not only the creator of the show. She is also the director, choreographer, and a dancer for the show. This is her first opportunity to direct, though she is not new to theater or dance. She has been dancing for over 25 years and  locally has performed in shows at Raleigh Little Theatre, Cary Players, and North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre. "I consider myself an “ensemblist;” I generally perform ensemble roles that require dancing or comic ability."


If all of that weren't enough, Duncan is also on the Festival organizational committee which has helped other members submit proposals and acted as a liaison between festival and venue. Quite an ambitious woman to be sure! To her, the festival "means providing opportunities to women in theater that they may not normally have. I don’t know if I ever would have had the gall to direct my own show if I didn’t have the support of so many wonderful women behind me."


The Festival is honored to support Ms. Duncan and so many other women pursuing the arts. Come see Music & the Mirror opening August 20. Get your tickets now and check out our complete schedule of events.


"Share the Show" from Seed Art Share will be providing free childcare for our audience members and cast on August 21st at 3pm. Click here to register.

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