Listen To Your Mother 2017

May 5, 2017

Motherhood is not glamorous. Wiping snotty noses. Leaking body parts. Discovering during an important meeting that you missed some baby vomit on your shirt. Motherhood is hard, tiring work. Nights of lost sleep sitting with a sick child. Remembering that it’s your turn to bring the team snack while juggling schedules so that you can make it to awards day as well. Mentally making a grocery list while folding laundry and drilling for the weekly spelling test. It’s all the little moments in between - the shared laughter when the cat chases - and catches - its tail. It’s drying tears when your child comes home with tales of a mean comment. 


Made up of these messy moments, these funny moments, these often mundane moments of living daily life, motherhood has been dismissed as quotidian, not worth writing about.


Shining a spotlight on those moments is exactly why Listen to Your Mother was created.  Listen to Your Mother was launched by blogger Ann Imig in 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin to give motherhood a microphone, and in a few short weeks will be presented in 30 plus cities across the country during the week of Mother's Day.


This year is also the grand finale year for Listen to Your Mother in its current incarnation.


For five years, Marty Long and I have had the privilege of co-producing the show in the Triangle area. Watching cast after cast find their voices and realize that their stories and experiences matter as the audience laughs, cries and cheers them on has been an honor I will never forget. 


This year’s show features a cast of 15 local writers telling their stories. From parenting a child with special needs, a mother’s final moments, parenting a child of a different race, the empty nest, a mother’s first protest, and the trouble with goldfish, this year's stories are told from the heart and will make you laugh, cry and nod along as you think, "me, too. Me, too."


Please join us for the grand finale show on May 5, 2017 at Jones Auditorium at Meredith College.  A portion of ticket sales will go to the Women’s Center of Wake County, and we will be collecting donations of pads and tampons for them the night of the show.  You can find ticket information here.