If Not Now, When?

May 19, 2017


The Women’s Theatre Festival 2016 Occupy the Stage event was the beginning of a fabulous theatre career for me. I turn 70 next month. My husband had started a few years ahead of me, auditioning and getting parts in theater productions around the Triangle. I assisted backstage , resisting the step of joining an actual cast – other than bit parts – and then came auditions for …

He said “There’s a Women’s Theatre group auditioning next weekend – no monologues – just sides. Let’s do it.”

“What are sides?”


OK, so I went along and it was fun – I met a lot of women, some had experience, but I honestly couldn’t tell if anyone else in the room was, like me, a newcomer. I was cast for a part in the Occupy event – a grandmother.  I loved doing it, and did it well. On the day of the performance, there was a young man in the audience who was so moved by my portrayal of grandmother that he went home and called his grandmother. When I found out about that, I knew I could make a difference on stage as well as backstage.


I felt confident enough after that experience to audition for Arsenic and Old Lace – another perfect “old lady” part, and I was cast as the lead, Aunt Abby Brewster. Preparing for that part was quite a challenge, and I did it, learning a lot about the proper acting protocols and best ways to learn lines and how to work with a cast and a director and a stage manager… all of that.

Now, I’m addicted. If the Women’s Theatre Festival Occupy the Stage event hadn’t happened for me in 2016, I might not have taken this detour onto the stage. Ever. How Sad!!!




Please consider auditioning for this year's Occupy the Stage Event.  Sign up now. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c44a4a62ea4fd0-occupy


Judy and her husband Mac joined the festival on-stage and off, even leading a great puppet making workshop last year. Stay tuned for this year's puppet workshop because it was a great success and is coming back for the 2017 line-up. 




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