Be Gone, Ambient Despair!

June 28, 2017



Byron Woods met us at Davis Library in Chapel Hill. He'd seen my despairing photos online of the stacks and stacks of plays written by men compared to the paltry handful of plays written by women.


He walked us straight to the section that was all about plays written by women! After all those libraries and bookstores with no plays by women, here, suddenly, at last, were so many books! Our hearts lifted! And then he proceeded to write this article about The Women's Theatre Festival for the Indy Weekly.


Here are some of the great quotes from the article Byron wrote:


"It's dangerous to be laughed at," says Popio, the founder and artistic director of the Women's Theatre Festival. "That's why tyrants have no sense of humor. When people in power look ridiculous, you're less likely to do what they say." Comedy can be a potent form of resistance. "It's freedom," she concludes.


"Mounting an all-comedy season wasn't about ignoring the current climate for women in the U.S.; it was a direct response to it, a "visceral reaction," Popio says, to the depression that descended on so many women after Trump's election."Everything seemed so dark and hopeless," she recalls. 'We needed a light to fight for.'"


Thanks for being one of our lights, Byron. In the fight against despair, you are an excellent ally. Click below to read the article!











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