Occupy and Chill

June 29, 2017

If ever you have wanted to binge watch live theatre, now is the time.



24 hours of non-stop theatrics, all written and directed by women. Each show features great roles for women portrayed by some of the best actresses working in our theatre community. To top it all off, you, the dedicated theatre patron, can enjoy it all while eating a waffle and lounging in your pajamas and slippers.  


The theme of this year’s Women’s Theatre Festival is ‘Women Are Funny’ and while Occupy is sure to provide plenty of hilarity, there will also be plenty of drama to go alongside it. Here is a run-down of each play being presented during Occupy, followed by the number of tissues you may need and why.


12.21.09, written by NaTasha Thompson, is a one act play that depicts the days leading up to and following the deployment of Lt. Alexandra Sparrow. As a service woman in the U.S. Army, and a single mother, she is faced with the choice of who will care for her 4 year old son while she is overseas. Directed by Phoebe Dillard and featuring Lebone Moses as Alexandra, this play is sure to call for at least 2 tissues; one to dab your eyes with and one for the standard runny nose of a 4 year old.


Resume Watching, written and directed by Sarah Duncan, is a ten minute play about a couple facing a crisis of trust after the discovery of a betrayal. As the truth comes out, this husband and wife, portrayed by Gus Allen and Erin Terry, must decide how to move forward. 1 tissue needed to cover your mouth after the twist is revealed and you gasp at the monstrosity of it all.  


Clepsyrda, written by Michelle R Wood and directed by Jess Hill, takes us into a prison where the only chains are forgotten identity. Any prisoner is free to leave...once they remember their name. As three women, trapped for crimes unknown, struggle to re-learn not only who they are, but how to communicate and connect, they search for and fear the path out. Featuring Susan Sall, Emily Yates, and Daphne Trevathan, you’ll need a whole box of tissues to smash repeatedly as you, like the characters, try to guess what is happening.


The Jacket, written and directed by Seema Kukreja, is a sketch about a man and the jacket that keeps him from enjoying his meal at a restaraunt. What kind of dress code is this? Only one tissue needed for this show, to put on your lap in an effort to display your best manners.


Don’t Slow Down, written by Ashley Popio, is a 1950’s style PSA exclusively for women. A handy guide for women who are alive and go out in public, topics explored are walking to a car, leaving a building after dark, and avoiding eye contact for safety reasons.  If you are a woman and happen to drop your tissue while watching this piece, just remain focused! Eyes straight ahead! Leave the tissue behind!


The Ram and The Bull, written by Emily Rose White is a ten minute play about a chance encounter between two individuals who are both dealing with pain in different ways. Directed by Aya Wallace and featuring Calvin Olinger and Rosemary Takacs, plan on using one large tissue like a matador.  


The Adventure of Capercille Bridge, written by Maegan Mercer-Bourne and directed by Ashley Popio, is a brand new Sherlock Holmes adventure but in this version, Mycroft is Sherlock’s sister. Gender bending! Featuring Laurel Ullman as Mycroft and Gus Allen and his moustache as Sherlock, you’ll want a nice handful of tissues to toss into the air as you shout ‘Elementary!”


Blue Roses is written by Sandra de Helen. Taking Dr. Who-like license with time, the playwright imagines a psych ward where the sisters of John F. Kennedy and Tennessee Williams are institutionalized together. As Rose Isabel Williams struggles to recover from trauma and Rose Marie Kennedy refuses to adjust to societal expectations, both are considered mentally flawed and in need of severe medical intervention. Directed by Ra’Chel Fowler and featuring Laura Griffin and Maggie Lea, this full-length will be sure to amass three (out of five) tissues of tears.


___ is a rapist, written by Rebekah Boroughs and Lindsay Carpenter, follows the story of a young woman who is raped before her wedding day and the aftermath that follows. Challenging perceptions,  stereotypes, and a rape culture that seemingly can’t be erased, this existential exploration and drama features Judy McCord and Molly Winstead under the direction of Savannah J. Core. Four tissues for this beautiful and heartbreaking play.


Wicket Hall Lane, written by Courtney Christison, is an intense family drama about the familial ties that bind us and when those ties become too strong or go too far. The Bishop family has gathered to mourn the loss of Robert’s wife but one member of the family is missing. Michael hasn’t spoken to his parents or brothers in years after a severe betrayal of safety and trust rocked the family unit the core. However, it is this day that the family will all be reunited and pain, secrets, and guilt will explode once again. Directed by Marina Enslen and featuring Pam McClure, Doug Kapp, and Will Harris, this play requires two tissues; one for tears and one for the gasps.


Mitigating Damages, written by Marilynn Barner Anselmi, is a full length play about a lawyer who provides legal assistance to girls under the age of 18 who are seeking an abortion without their parents knowing. This play also explores themes of race, culture, class, and family through humor, truth, and compassion. Featuring Maegan Mercer-Bourne and Maxine Eloi under the direction of Pam McClure, this play calls for a box of tissues to shred with anxiety as the tension mounts.


He/She and Me, written by Sharon Mathis is a one woman one act starring Janet Boudreaux as a woman whose husband has come out of the closet as transgendered. As the man she has loved for years transitions into a woman, she finds herself transitioning also as her role as a partner shifts and changes. Grounded by love, she navigates her fear and grief as she searches for closure and hope. A stunning script and a tour-de-force performance means you better head to Cotsco and buy your tissues in bulk.


Shut Up, I’m On A Diet!, written by Catherine Weingarten and featuring Anna Broadway, Allan Maule, Rosemary Takacs, and Matthew Tucker, is a hilarious romp about eating disorders, mermaids, ladybugs, corporate crime, and pies. Since that seems more than self explanatory, be sure to substitute your tissues for a towel. Because water therapy.


Oh, and did I mention the waffles?




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