Reviews Keep Rolling in for The Woodstock Tontine

July 12, 2017

Last's weeks open for The Woodstock Tontine has generated a lot of press. The show was covered by two different reviewers in Triangle Arts & Entertainment and well as an article by Bryon Woods in the Indy Week. 


First up, we have The WTF’s Woodstock Tontine by Steffi Rubin Features Six Excellent Performances by PAMELA VESPER AND KURT BENRUD "This play is a perfect offering for the Woman’s Theatre Festival. It features excellent performances from new and seasoned actresses; and the show’s themes will appeal to the young and young-at-heart as it touches on friendship, life changes, being yourself, and accepting friends, warts and all."


Next from Triangle Arts & Entertainment is Steffi Rubin’s Woodstock Tontine Is an Emotional Journey of Love, Loss, and Friendship by SHANNON PLUMMER-WHITE. "Director Lucia Foster does a good job of helping the actresses on keeping the characters real without having them feel like caricatures. Foster picked not only an all-female show, but she cast age-appropriate actresses. In theater, there are very few roles for actresses over the age of 50. There are fewer roles in which this age group leads the show or are the heroines." 


And finally, the latest review from Byron Woods at Indy Week in the article The Five Mature Women in The Woodstock Tontine Shatter the Stereotypes Lazy Playwrights Favor

"These are some of the people we've been waiting to meet: creative B.J. (Verlene Oates), smart Roberta (Judy McCord), vivacious Shelley (Lisa Leonard), world-traveling Trudy (Jennifer Kuzma), and Veronika (Julie Oliver), who always self-identifies as "the German." None of these five mature women truly fit into the reductive ingenue-wife-crone troika that lazy playwrights have been fond of for so long."


Check out the reviews and come see what all the buzz is about. Get your tickets by clicking here, The Woodstock Tontine continues its run from July 14-16 at Burning Coal Theatre. 





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