Reviews Are In: It's One Tasty Cupcake!

July 19, 2017

We are thrilled to receive great feedback for Licked Cupcake in both Indy Week and from Triangle Arts & Entertainment! 


Check out At Sonorous Road, Licked Cupcake Is a Sensitive and Savvy Story for the Stage by Byron Woods at Indy Week. "A sensitive, savvy script devised by the actors, Cori Vella, and director Johanna Maynard Edwards plunges us into a women's support group—one with better production values than most, thanks to the lighting and audio cues conveniently provided by its leader, Magic Monica (Monica McNamara).Though the text gently mocks support-group conventions, the ten women repeatedly hit pay dirt in frank, funny, and confessional narratives in which sex and spirituality, for better and worse, go hand in hand." 


Licked Cupcake was also reviewed in Triangle Arts & Entertainment article,  The WTF’s Licked Cupcake Is Delightful by Pamela Vesper and Kurt Benrud. "On Thursday, July 13th, we had the privilege of attending the opening night of this show, which is a phenomenon that adds new meaning to the phrase “shop local.” It is also an excellent addition to Women’s Theatre Festival 2017.Alternately funny, touching, and thought-provoking, Licked Cupcake explores the depths to which organized religion both shapes and stunts the growth of an individual’s identity."


Clearly Licked Cupcake is a must see. Get your tickets by clicking here. Show runs for one more weekend starting July 20-223. Tickets are $17 online and $20 at the door.  Join us for another great production in the 2017 WTF line-up!