My Cup of Tea

August 3, 2017

Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams, written and directed by Maribeth McCarthy, opens TONIGHT! In honor of their first performance, I would like to share with you my very first sweet tea experience.


As a Wisconsin girl, I had never even known that sweet tea existed until my Destination Imagination team made it to World Finals, which was held in Tennesee.


We were high schoolers, and very happy to chat and flirt with the other high schoolers from around the globe. Our team befriended a team from Georgia.


The Georgian team had delicious accents, and I remember them all being super attractive, although that might be filtered through my 17-year-old hormone-fueled lens. We met in the buffet line at the cafeteria, and at the drinks station, one girl filled her clear plastic cup with tea, but only half way. She then grabbed, like, 30 sugar packets, and sat down at a nearby table.


In the next few minutes, we Wisconsinites watched in horror as she proceeded to pour EVERY LAST ONE of those packets into her glass AND THEN DRINK IT!


"What are you DOING?" one of us asked.


She scoffed. "They didn't even have sweet tea available. Can you believe it? I can make it myself, like this, but it's not the same."


"What's sweet tea?" I innocently inquired.


WELL. The Georgia team was APPALLED.


"You've never had SWEET TEA????" they collectively gasped.


And then we were treated to a half-hour long lecture, regarding specific grandmothers who had recipes that were tried and true, and sun tea, which is apparently made by leaving tea bags to soak on the porch in the southern sun, and which restaurants had the best sweet tea (Bojangles was the consensus) and just general shock that none of us had ever experienced this particular cultural phenomenon.


"Do you want to try some?" the girl who had made a batch asked.


So I did. Bleeeeeeech. SO SWEET! My tongue went into diabetic shock. My teeth were coated in sugary fuzz. I very politely swallowed, but it was a struggle. 


Since then, I've tried many other versions, as it is indeed ubiquitous down here in NC, but I must say, that for this northern gal, it is not necessarily my cup of tea. ;)


Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams is just as sweet as it's namesake, but it goes down a whole lot easier with a large helping of laughter and a pinch of family. 


To reserve your tickets to tonight's performance, or to any other show for this weekend or next, click HERE.


Be sure to bring cash or check to Meredith College, because they do not accept credit cards!

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