Quick Guide: All About Our New WTF U Learning Series

January 29, 2018


Are you interested in directing or producing a show in the 3rd season of the Women’s Theatre Festival: “Women are Heroes”? Here is a quick guide from our Festival Production Manager on every step of the training process you will undertake to get to your first pitching session.


What is the WTF U Learning Series?


We are making one key change to our process this year, which is to launch our WTF U Learning Series— a new re-booted director training sequence to fully prepare theatre artists for every step of the WTF process.


This time, we have chosen to make two of these courses mandatory for whoever will be pitching your show this year. We've made the decision based on feedback from our community and a desire to honor the work of our playwrights. Our goal for these courses is to make them as engaging as possible while also building key skills for our members and potential members.


Here are all the courses in the series:

  1. WTF U: Pitching the 2018 Women's Theatre Festival- This first session, taking place at Research Triangle High School, will go over everything you need to know from the festival and what we expect from your festival pitch.

  2. WTF U: Honing Your Pitch- After completing the first course, you will be sent an email from the festival production manager, Katy Koop. This is an optional step in the process, and if you would like, you can send her a practice test video and pitch. You will receive personal coaching and feedback from her on how you can improve your final pitch for the festival.

  3. WTF U: Hero Training *- Accepted pitches to the festival will be invited to WTF U: Hero Training, where they will get one-on-one preparation and training from Katy Koop and selected theatre artists on how to create the best show possible.


* Only directors/producers accepted into the WTF season will move on to the 3rd and final WTF U course. If you are accepted, it is mandatory for you to schedule a time with Katy Koop and get talked through all the expectations for the show.  


When is the First Course?


That being said, the only course that requires you to meet at a specific time, in real life, is the first session. You only need to attend one of these sessions and they should last 30 minutes to 1 hour, of course depending if you have any questions. The courses will also come with a free workbook to take home with you to help you fill out the pitch form on your own time.


The first session is offered the weekend of February 9th-11th at the following times:


FRIDAY, February 9th, 2018:

Call Time: 7:30 pm

Start of Event: 8:00 pm


SATURDAY, February 10th, 2018:  

Call Time: 1 pm

Start of Event: 1:30 pm


SUNDAY, February 11th, 2018:

Call Time: 1:30 pm

Start of Event: 2 pm


There will only be 20 slots available for each training session, so make sure to grab a slot while you can.


If for some reason you cannot attend the first session "WTF U: Pitching the 2018 Women's Theatre Festival", please contact Ashley Popio directly at popio.ashley@gmail.com.


Do I Really Have to Take This Course?

If you are a seasoned director or producer, of course it’s fair to ask,


“Do I really need to be sat down and taught how to direct a show?”


That being said, our hope for the series is that it’s anything but pedantic. To make sure the festival is the best it can possibly can be, we feel it’s valuable to offer the training as a way to express our expectations and benchmarks that WTF expect. More than anything, it’s an introduction to how WTF works as an organization and a theatre company.


That being said, if you still have questions whether you really need this, feel free to contact Ashley Popio directly at popio.ashley@gmail.com.


What Does the Assessment Entail?

The test will simply go over the expectations about what WTF expects from directors, producers, and anything we will need from design staff. You will get information about it after the first session and will be able to take it online. It’s just an easy way to check that you’ve absorbed all of the relevant information and are ready to go on this journey with us.


Ready to Enroll in WTF U?

Grab your slot in the Sign Up Genius for the WTF U Learning Series’ very first session at Research Triangle High School. If you're ready to get started, sign up here! 


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