Award Nominations

March 7, 2018

The Women's Theatre Festival is delighted to announce that several local theatres have seasons that demonstrate gender equity in their selection of playwrights this year! 


We have decided to nominate those theatres for the International Centre for Women Playwrights' "50/50 Applause Award."  


Congratulations to Burning Coal Theatre, Forest Moon Theatre, and Playmakers Rep on their equitable 2018-2019 seasons! 


Justice Theatre Project has also released this tantalizing information on their website, so it looks hopeful that we will be able to nominate them as well: 


"JTP's 2018-19 season will focus on women. Women becoming whole. Women empowered. The season will include a classic Ibsen tale with a modern twist; a tale of the Jewish woman's plight trapped in a world of rules created by men; our season holiday show of "Black Nativity"; a historical trip down a river in 1890; the true story of a man who lives as a woman to survive the Nazi regime; and a musical that will transform and inspire."
Still no 2018-2019 season revelations yet from Cary Players, NC Theatre, Bare Theatre, Little Green Pig, Temple, or Theatre in the Park. We will happily nominate these theatres and JTP as well if their gender equity breakdown is 50/50!
Raleigh Little Theatre has come close to equity, with a gender breakdown of 3:2 in their non-children's programming, but they still do not qualify. Wtih NRACT at 8:1, Theatre Raleigh at 4:1, and Theatrefest at 3:0, those theatres unfortunately also do not qualify this year. These theatres can still demonstrate their support of gender equity by hiring equal numbers of women and non-binary identifying directors, actors, designers and technicians. We hope that they do, and we look forward to celebrating them for it!  
For a look at the International Centre for Women Playwrights' nomination criteria, check out their stipulations below. Qualifying theatres must: 


- Have at least three productions in their season

- Have plays by both female and male dramatists in their season

- At least 50% of the plays produced are the work of female playwrights

- At least 50% of the total number of performances during that window are the work of female playwrights

- Only Main Stage productions will qualify where a company has several venues.

- Theatres may not have the development of works by women as their main mission statement


You'll notice that the Women's Theatre Festival does not qualify for this particular award, since we have the development of works by women as a part of our main mission statement, but that doesn't mean that we can't give credit where credit is due! 
So, congratulations, Playmakers, Forest Moon, and Burning Coal. Today, you are our heroes!
If you would personally like to aide the Women's Theatre Festival in their quest for 50/50 gender equity by 2020, you can also be our hero by becoming a member of our organization HERE.