Explore Motherhood Your Way with Love Mama Day


The Women's Theatre Festival is about to start their third annual season of feminist theatre and we couldn't be happier. We've grown a lot from our first grassroots season and we're excited to offer more ways to engage and connect with community. An event that we're excited about hosting this year is called Love Mama Day. 


A key member of the Love Mama planning team is Kirsten Reberg-Horton. She has been doing incredible work to get this event underway and she was even interviewed by WRAL. Here are some of our favorite moments. 


For those of you who don't know about what Love Mama Day, here are the details. Love Mama day was inspired by the "Listen to Your Mother" Event where powerful women shared their truths and perspectives on being a mother. While there is not another "Listen to Your Mother Event," Love Mama Day would like to fill that gap. Mothers are craving a different way to celebrate and talk about motherhood. As Kirsten says in the interview, 


"...We very rarely, as women, give ourselves the space to reflect on our own experiences. We are always being told by other people what being a mother or having a mother or being a daughter is supposed to be like, but we're rarely asked to authentically share what that means to us. Mother's Day cards are sweet, but often completely unrealistic (and sometimes demoralizing)."


Instead of giving out Mother's Day Cards, Love Mama Day is giving mother's an experience that will stay with them. We are providing a new and honest way to talk about the realities about what motherhood has meant to them and how they want it to be in the future. Love Mama Day will "provide women with an opportunity to reflect on what is currently vital to them in the experience of motherhood."


There isn't a one-size-fits-all way to celebrate motherhood and that's okay. The Women's Theatre Festival team wants to give women the platform to explore, create, and forge meaningful bonds to other women and children in the community. Kirsten says it best by saying that


"We want women and children to see Mother's Day in light of their own personal experiences, gaining strength, confidence and empowerment in creatively sharing that experience with others. We want every participant to walk away from the three-hour event with the conviction that their voices are important, valued and valid. "


Come join us for Love Mama Day on May 5, 2018 from 10 AM-1 PM at the Pullen Community Center. We'd love to have you there. 


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