May 1, 2018

Hey, Mom, we are pheMOMinal!

Momming it up all over the place.

You with your kind and patient face,

Telling me how and what to do

For oh, I don’t know, everything.


 You taught me things that moms should say.

Like, “I love you, everything’s ok.”

Like, “You can do it, if you try.”

Like, “Keep your socks and mittens dry.”

And “Did you do your homework?”

 Together, we explored so much

Museums, restaurants, plays, and such

Sewing patterns, recipes,

And contributing to society,

By always doing the right thing.


You taught me silly was ok

You listened to me every day

You gave me hugs and art supplies

You dried my tears those times I cried

And showed me bargain shopping perks.

You made it so I loved to read

You shared your books and said, “Godspeed”

And when I fought to stay up late

And read until my eyeballs ached

You filled my shelves with classic things.

You took me to the voting polls,

With “here check yes, and here check no,”

And how to pronounce “Democrat”

And why equality’s where it’s at,

And why rights can't be shirked.

You showed me how to find price drops

And how to pick out stylish tops

And what a-line dress looked like

And what fit well, what was too tight,

And how to hem, well, everything.

 You made Christmas special, mom,

You stitched the dress I wore to prom

And when I dumped that guy

Who made me cry

You told me I’d done the right thing.

 You helped me to be organized

And turn college forms in on time

And bought me tickets, cars, and phones

And always let me come back home

And advised me on my paperwork. 

And when Wisconsin grew too cold

You made decisions, brave and bold

To join me here, in old NC

To start anew, and be near me

So that we could do tons of things!

I found a daughter of my own

And even though she’s almost grown

You invite her to family events

And give advice, your mom “two cents”

And help me build my “Mom Framework.”

And so, my mom, I love you so

And as my own small family grows,

I’ll ask questions like I always do

Enjoy you and confide in you

And need you still, for everything.

Because you are pheMOMinal!

And soon, I will be too.


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