June 8, 2018

Laquana Henny and Gerald Louis Campbell Proctor-Crumble Production Photo

Here you’ll find some basic information on the content of the show as well as background to help you decide if it’s right for you. If you want to see the cast and crew bios, click here. For the promo video, click here. For tickets, this is your spot!

There may be some spoilers below.

TW (Trigger Warnings)

Grief, Panic Attacks, Familial Loss, Loud Explosion


It's Christmas, and Clara just wants to make it nice for her daughter, Janice. But they both have been struggling since the unexpected death of Janice's father, so Janice is taking matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Clara's sister, Barbara, is trying to calm Clara and her cats; Justin Timberlake and Harrison Ford sympathetically fly through windows; and the Apartment is a conflicted murderer–can anyone be a hero when everything is crumbling to bits?


Can I bring my teenager?

As with most art, it depends on the teen’s maturity level. There is dialogue and actions of a sexual nature, a mother and daughter coping with the death of the father, and violence is implied/threatened. We always welcome all ages into our theatre provided you’re willing to discuss anything they may ask as they process the story.


So….it’s a tragedy? A comedy?

It’s a bit of both, including emotions in between that cannot be quantified. It’s quirky, funny, heartbreaking: but most of all, it’s a call to empathy and love. You can read more about Director Kayla M. Kaufman’s vision here, and listen to her podcasts with WHUP “Lights Up” and Burning Coal Theatre here.