Candace's Top 3 Moments #RaiseHerVoice2018

December 11, 2018


Actor. Theatre Artist. Singer. Mother. Candace, from her involvement to Occupy the Stage to her performance in These Shining Lives to her participation in the Karaoke Musical, has jumped in feet first to the work we do at Women’s Theatre Festival. Onstage and off, her passion for our mission and fostering a positive theatre community in the Triangle inspires us every day. When you support us with a financial donation, you’re raising the voice of women like Candace. 

Don’t just take our word for it— this is what Candace has to say about her top 3 moments with WTF and her hopes for our future, in her own words. 



Hi again. I'm back. When WTF asked me to talk about the company and my involvement, it was a no-brainer that I talk about which parts of the season were my favorites. I’d like to do that now and I hope it gives a better idea of why, exactly, I'm smitten with this company. 

Here are 3 Moments from my personal highlight reel. 

Goblin Market

Goblin Market was like taking a wild ride through a magical forest. A story narrated by two powerful sirens who lured the audience through this forest with their angelic high notes. Along with the music, the story was illustrated by two beautiful dancers who kept the audience captivated with every etherial twirl and leap. Goblin Market was truly a captivating experience and was a beautiful portrait of sisterly love.

Occupy Con with my Daughter

I took my daughter to the Occupy Con and I got to perform! Mommy took the stage and she sat in a room, happily occupied for HOURS. She learned about some historically influential female powerhouses... While I performed, she was not only very well cared for but she flourished! 

I loved being able to share my love of theatre with my daughter.

These Shining Lives

Third favorite moment is taking the stage in These Shining Lives. Jorie truly created such an intimate setting to tell these women’s stories. Looking out at our audience and seeing the first few rows dedicated to the real women who lost their lives in this tragic story was such a special and humbling experience. The real radium girls. 

Seeing my director and producers compassion for this story...for these women. It was a beautiful experience!

Going Forward

WTF has done a lot for me this Summer, but I still have some hopes for its future. Simply put... I would like to see them go forward. I know it’s a lame and super vague answer but the way I see it, the Women's Theatre Festival has the talent to go in any direction they want. Musicals, more plays, karaoke, cons etc... They need only the support of the rest of the theatre community and faith that they can do it. I want to see them do it all, and I know I’m not the only one. I'm going to do my best to help bring us moms and dads into the future of co-theatre parenting because WTF and all of the other theatres could stand to be more inclusive to theatre artists with children.

TLDR; Keep going forward, WTF!

Oh and definitely waaay more musicals. Who doesn't love singing and dancing! ;) 

If you’re ready to support the work of artists like Candace, we hope you’ll consider a year-end contribution to WTF’s #RaiseHerVoice2018 campaign. By making a donation through PayPal, you will maximize the impact of your gift with PayPal’s Seize The Season program--PayPal will add 1% to all donations made until Dec. 31st! And, over the next few weeks,  get ready to get to know more about Candace and what working with WTF has meant to her in 2018.

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