Candace's Spark #RaiseHerVoice2018

December 18, 2018


OK, I won’t lie. Writing the WTF highlight reel was hard to write. Listing just a few of my favorite moments from the season. But, in truth, it only explained what I enjoyed here. Now I need to explain why WTF fit me so well as a performer. To do that, I need to go further back to when the flame was lit and what kept it burning.


Growing up, I was shy and refused to talk. I created imaginary places and used my dolls to reenact stories. I renovated Barbies Dreamhouse to fit these needs. At nine years old, I joined a chorus and realized that singing was MUCH easier than speaking. First match struck!


In HS I noticed some kids were doing the same damn thing I used to do with my dolls. The only difference was they were the ones reenacting the stories instead of my dolls! All along I was making theatre without realizing it. My brain exploded, and I had to get involved and investigate this new (to me) way of storytelling‼

Unfortunately for me, High School brought the diagnosis of Epilepsy. Having a disability meant zero support for involvement in the arts and the fire all but extinguished. Casting it aside, I became a young military wife and moved to the desert (no not figuratively). Out of military wife loneliness, I auditioned for a haunted house. This experience reminded me how enjoyable and impactful storytelling was. The tiny flame began to grow again.


It stayed lit and burned bright until I had my first child. Once again, society told me I would have no place in the theatre world and I wouldn’t be allowed to tell stories.


Then I found the Women's Theatre Festival. A place where they supported pretty much everything that made me, me. They encourage mothers. They encourage disabled people. They encourage women of color‼! They encourage EVERYONE! I was blown away. To be honest, I’m still blown away that a company would try so hard to support so many people. Again, I had to get involved and investigate. So here I am. Investigating.


And just like before, I want to investigate new ways to tell stories. I want to do the type of theatre that pushes limits and share truths about motherhood, disabilities, artistic mixed WOC, bullying… I want to reach others with these stories and cheer them up. Change their outlook. Change their minds. It’s a perfect fit because WTF wants to do that too!


If you’re ready to support the work of artists like Candace, we hope you’ll consider a year-end contribution to WTF’s #RaiseHerVoice2018 campaign. By making a donation through PayPal, you will maximize the impact of your gift with PayPal’s Seize The Season program--PayPal will add 1% to all donations made until Dec. 31st! And, over the next few weeks,  get ready to get to know more about Candace and what working with WTF has meant to her in 2018.