To Becky Or Not To Becky, That Is the Question

July 9, 2019


The Rebecca Show is writer-performers Rebecca Fox and Rebecca Jackson-Artis. In their original 2-woman sketch show “What If I’m the Becky?, they ask the same question of themselves that life asks of all of us: Are you A Becky or A Rebecca? 


Their sketches reveal the awkwardness of outdated friendship, the meaning of pussy hats to women of color, the evolution of motherhood, how concussions affect buddies, ideas from geriatric tech entrepreneurs, quilt-making freethinkers, and a #MeToo moment in the Bible.


To Fox and Jackson-Artis, A Becky is someone who doesn’t say anything when confronted with injustice. A Becky prefers not to rock the boat. A Rebecca, which they both prefer to be called (and which they aspire to be), is the antithesis of A Becky. 


Come see The Rebecca Show: “What If I’m the Becky?” headline WTFringe on Saturday July 13 at 8 pm at Burning Coal. Your $25 ticket is a pass to see The Rebecca Show and all other Fringe shows throughout the weekend!


Don't forget to buy your ticket to claim your spot!


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