All they wanted was to work...

the true story of The Radium Girls.

It's the 1920s, and Catherine and her friends work for the Radium Dial Company of Ottawa, IL as radium dial painters making watches glow in the dark by painting the numbers with radium-based paint. The girls think they've got it made with their high-paying, glamorous jobs. But when the company's female workforce starts getting sick and dying from a mysterious illness, Catherine leads her friends in suing the company for lying to them about the risks of working with the wonder element. Part play, part newsreel, and part poetry, These Shining Lives is based on the true story of the Radium Girls. Their fight for justice was a landmark legal case for workers rights and occupational diseases.



July 27, 8pm

July 28, 2pm, 8pm

July 29, 4pm

August 2, 8pm

August 3, 8pm

August 4, 8pm

August 5, 7pm



300-G E. MAIN ST.



Price: $17

Recommended Ages 13+

(980) 458-2551


Directed by Jorie Slodki

Produced by Rachel Kasten


Catherine - Lydia Nethercutt
Charlotte - Maggie Lea
Frances - Candace Hescock
Pearl - Danni Bee
Tom - Nick Iammatteo
Mr. Reed - Ryan Madanick

Stage Manager - Keyanna Alexander
Lighting Designer - Karyn Leigh Raynor
Sound Designer - Aharon Segal
Costume Designer - Mikki Stith
Set Designer & Props Manager - Mac McCord
Make-Up Artist - Anna Benrud Talley
Dramaturg - Sara Thompson


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