YOU are invited to the Triangle Bake-Off!


In this time of great uncertainty and social distancing, we are keeping theatre alive here in the Triangle with a Bakeoff! Submit your scripts for a chance to win a live reading with WTF in the fall for Occupy the Stage. Here are the details:



1. FORMAT your play according to our example. This ensures fair competition.

2. The entire document, title page included, must be no more more than 15 pages max. No documents over 15 pages will accepted. Submit your document as a .pdf file at [insert website here].

3. Plan for 4 readers. If you write more than four characters, please include doubling instructions.

4. Submissions with foul language, strong themes, etc will be accepted. Finalists will have any applicable content warning stated at the beginning of each reading.

5. Let us know in your submission which category you will be submitting for! In in the interest of fair competition, we will take submissions in the following categories:

    -Youth: Anyone under high school age.

    -High School: Any current high school student.

    -College: Any current higher education student.

    -First Timer: Anyone who is not a student or artist* and has never written a play.

    -Practitioner: Anyone who is a practicing professional writer or artist*.


*For our purposes, artist is defined as any drama maker including but not limited to theatre, film, arts educator, or other dramatic artist.

You will have until Sunday, April 5th at 7:00PM to submit your play- we will not accept submissions after the deadline. Our panel of readers will select three to five finalists in each category, who will receive a virtual reading of their work as part of our Triangle Bakeoff on Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th. Our audience will vote the winners in each category, who will go on to receive a reading as part of the WTF Occupy the Stage in the fall.



    Other than including the ingredients, there are no rules! We would like the inclusion of ingredients to be pretty obvious- as a rule of thumb, if we can’t taste nutmeg, there isn’t enough nutmeg. Have fun and go crazy!


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